Rage: Midsummer's Eve (2015)

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Detective

Country: USA

Release year: 2015

Director: Tii Ricks

Actors: Christian Sandstrom, Michael Vardian, Holly Georgia, Johnny Sachon, Mait Lepik

A group of five students goes to a party in a small cabin located in the forests of Finland. There they plan to celebrate the Summer Solstice Eve, a special three-day holiday celebrated in this part of the world. The friends pack plenty of beer to brighten up their time away from civilization. Along the way, the students notice several abandoned buildings and vehicles, which causes the protagonists to have some misgivings about this trip.

When they finally arrive at the summer house, they immediately notice the presence of some sinister entity hovering in the air. Soon their lives will be in mortal danger - at that fateful moment when the summer solstice begins.

The terrifying ghosts that have inhabited the trees for centuries will emerge from the shadows and launch a bloody hunt for the unsuspecting students. The young people will feel what happens when the real darkness awakens.